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We teach psychology in the most creative way, giving wings to your psychology interests.

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Clinical Psychology

Himanshi Verma


Counselling Psychology

Himanshi Verma


Child Psychology

Himanshi Verma


Criminal Psychology

Himanshi Verma

These courses are for you
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You want to start on a journey of self -discovery.
You want to strengthen your mental health.
You want to perceive more self – assurance.
Your career goal is to work as a Therapist.
You seek to master psychological tricks to make life easier.
You are curious about how to interpret human brains.
Your objective is to enhance your resume / CV.
You are looking for some premium psychology certifications
You are intrigued by Psychological concepts
You want to build self-confidence and esteem

We have curated the best courses according to your selections

Fobet is the best because..

Interactive sessions

Real-Time Discussions Personalised Attention Case Studies and Examples Group Activities and Exercises

Valuable certificates

ISO Certification: IAOTH Accreditation Startup India Recognition Government Certification Global Recognition

Practical Approach

Learn with top therapist :- Expert Guidance Cutting-Edge Techniques Professional Development Enriched Curriculum



It consists of three levels and spans 50 hours, including internship hours. Join us to explore the fascinating world of clinical psychology and make a positive impact on mental health.



It introduces you to psychology basics and teaches essential counselling skills. The program is spread across three levels, totaling 50 hours of learning.



Child psychology! In just 50 hours, parents and teachers can explore a practical approach to understanding children's brains.



All live lectures are recorded for your convenience. This 5-level course, from basic to advanced, provides practical knowledge of criminal psychology

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Join our free Masterclass!

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Meet our Founder
Riya Upreti

In May 2020, Riya founded Fobet with a clear mission—to offer top-quality educational courses on psychology and provide assistance for individuals of all ages facing personal and psychological challenges.

At Fobet, Riya fosters a customer-first approach, placing clients' needs at the core of the platform. She believes in creating a work culture that is open to new ideas, free from rigid rules, and focused on innovation and creativity. Her vision is to enhance the online model's responsiveness and efficiency, ensuring that Fobet's courses and therapy sessions are accessible to people from all walks of life.

In pursuit of this vision, Fobet strives to be a driving force in making psychology education and therapy accessible to diverse communities, thereby empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives.


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