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About - The Fobet

About Us

About Us

The Fobet

Fobet aim is to make psychology accessible to all right at the comfort of their home, we teach psychology to people from all nichés.

We help budding psychologist to advance in their cateer with help of live mentoring by India’s best therapists.

You also get internationally accredited certification which help you in taking your resume & career to next level.

Trusted by global brands

Meet our Founder Riya Upreti

In May 2020, Riya founded Fobet with a clear mission—to offer top-quality educational courses on psychology and provide assistance for individuals of all ages facing personal and psychological challenges.

At Fobet, Riya fosters a customer-first approach, placing clients' needs at the core of the platform. She believes in creating a work culture that is open to new ideas, free from rigid rules, and focused on innovation and creativity. Her vision is to enhance the online model's responsiveness and efficiency, ensuring that Fobet's courses and therapy sessions are accessible to people from all walks of life.

In pursuit of this vision, Fobet strives to be a driving force in making psychology education and therapy accessible to diverse communities, thereby empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives.