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Face Reading

Face reading- unveils a captivating story

Face reading course is our professional guide to the basics of interpreting facial features and expressions to gain insights into a person's personality traits, emotions, and potential characteristics. Students learn about the significance of different facial structures, such as eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as the connections between facial expressions and underlying emotions.

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Professional certificate of completion
Beginner Level
Internship certificate also included

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Course Curriculum

Face Reading

  • Introduction to the profound art of face reading.
  • Unravel the facial Features, including moles and facial zones.
  • Discover interplay between Face and Forehead Shapes
  • Focus on Eye Color and Nose Size.
  • Learn about nose's Length, Angle, Width, and Tip, revealing hidden meanings.
  • Explore about Ear's Size, Placement, Shape, and Height, understanding their significance.
  • Decode Mouth's Size, Angle, and Lips
  • Uncover about Jaws and Facial Lines
  • Continue the exploration of Facial Lines and Facial Hair
  • Interpreting Eyebrows and Eye Directions
  • Explore Body Signals and Movements, Eyes and Stress, Eyelids, Eye Contact, Blinking, and Lip Expressions, deciphering their messages.
  •  Hidden meanings behind Cheeks and Chin, unlocking deeper connections.
  • Dive into the captivating world of Eyes and Eyelids
  • Decipher Micro Expressions, gaining the ability to read subtle emotions.
  • Significance of Hairstyles, Facial Colours, and Teeth, completing your mastery of face reading.

Unlock the secrets of practical wisdom through internship. 20 hours of training will be provided and 30 hours will be given for the internship, in internship we will give you interesting and interactive tasks to enhance the knowledge outcomes. It is a learning based internship to gain practical knowledge. In the end there will be a proper career guidance session for all our students.

Your Instructor

Introducing Ms. Urvi Rawal, a gifted numerologist, tarot reader, and healer. She believes that her journey into tarot was destined and is grateful for the magical path that led her to this fulfilling role. With 6 years of experience in tarot, she specializes in providing transformative readings and healing sessions that empower others to unlock their inner wisdom and potential. Remarkably, she has also trained 2,000* students with Fobet, sharing her knowledge and skills with others.

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Interactive Live Sessions Engage in dynamic live classes via Zoom, enriched with hands-on practical learning.

Access to Recorded Sessions Benefit from recorded lecture accessible for one year, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Receive a comprehensive package of study materials, including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and detailed notes.

Achievement Certification Acquire esteemed and widely recognized certificates, enhancing your resume and professional profile.

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