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Child Psychology

Unravelling a child’s psyche- Child Psychology

Child psychology course provides a foundational understanding of the psychological development and behaviors of children from infancy to adolescence. Students learn about key theories, milestones, and factors that influence cognitive, emotional, and social development in children.

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Course Curriculum

Child Psychology

  • In-depth introduction to child psychology
  • Perspectives and domains shaping child development
  • Theories of developmental psychology, illuminating the pathways of human development.
  • Therapeutic approaches of child and developmental psychology
  • Navigate the realm of child psychology and disorders
  • Master the art of handling child abuse, trauma, and bullying, providing a safe haven for vulnerable hearts.
  • Adolescent counseling and interventions
  • Illuminate common mistakes made by parents and therapists
  • Experience the practical application of positive psychology
  • Bond with parents, empowering them to raise happy and well-adjusted children.
  • Discover effective interventions in teen counseling, equipped with practical worksheets for tangible progress.
  • Tackling behavioral problems in children and adolescents
  • Learn behavior modification techniques
  • Embrace stress and anxiety management, unlocking the keys to resilience and emotional well-being.

Unlock the secrets of practical wisdom through internship. 20 hours of training will be provided and 30 hours will be given for the internship, in internship we will give you interesting and interactive tasks to enhance the knowledge outcomes. It is a learning based internship to gain practical knowledge. In the end there will be a proper career guidance session for all our students.

Your Instructor

Ms. Angira Gupta is a highly specialized professional with a background in psychology. As a behavioral therapist, she excels in working with individuals, both children and adults, who experience behavioral issues. Her expertise also extends to providing training for psychology enthusiasts. Notably, her research paper has been published in ITIP (International Journal of Therapies and Intervention in Psychology), showcasing her contributions to the field.

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Interactive Live Sessions Engage in dynamic live classes via Zoom, enriched with hands-on practical learning.

Access to Recorded Sessions Benefit from recorded lecture accessible for one year, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Receive a comprehensive package of study materials, including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and detailed notes.

Achievement Certification Acquire esteemed and widely recognized certificates, enhancing your resume and professional profile.

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