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Clinical Psychology

Understanding mental processes- Insights into Clinical psychology

Clinical psychology course covers topics like psychological assessment, therapeutic techniques, and various mental health disorders. Students learn about the principles of diagnosis, treatment planning, and ethical considerations in clinical practice. The course typically explores the history of clinical psychology and its role in promoting mental well-being.

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Course Curriculum

Clinical Psychology

  • Clinical psychology: A captivating introduction.
  • Objectives and limitless scope of clinical psychology
  • Step-by-step process of conducting transformative therapy sessions
  • Inner workings and dynamics of clinical settings
  • Essential professional skills to excel as a psychologist
  • Psychotherapeutic session plans for impactful interventions
  • Constructing reports with clients.
  • Understanding the ethical compass of counseling practice
  • Exploring psychiatric conditions prevalent among adults
  • Understanding intellect and behavioral challenges in children.
  • Mastering the art of writing research papers.
  • Engaging in insightful real-life case discussions.
  • Complexities of depression and its related disorders.
  • Exploring the intricacies of anxiety and its associated disorders.
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge of psycho diagnostic assessment.
  • Engaging webinar on cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  • Unraveling the mysteries surrounding personality disorders.

Unlock the secrets of practical wisdom through internship. 20 hours of training will be provided and 30 hours will be given for the internship, in internship we will give you interesting and interactive tasks to enhance the knowledge outcomes. It is a learning based internship to gain practical knowledge. In the end there will be a proper career guidance session for all our students.

Your Instructor

Meet Ashreen Fathima, a skilled professional with a background in psychology, therapy, and graphology. With 3 years of experience in diverse fields, including hospitals and schools, she excels in handling individuals of all age groups. Her expertise has positively impacted over 1500 students in Fobet till now, garnering us fantastic feedbacks.✨

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Interactive Live Sessions Engage in dynamic live classes via Zoom, enriched with hands-on practical learning.

Access to Recorded Sessions Benefit from recorded lecture accessible for one year, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Receive a comprehensive package of study materials, including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and detailed notes.

Achievement Certification Acquire esteemed and widely recognized certificates, enhancing your resume and professional profile.

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