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Counselling Psychology

Navigating the Brain - A Journey Through Counseling Psychology

Counselling psychology course offers an overview about various theoretical approaches, communication skills, and techniques for helping individuals cope with challenges and improve their mental health. The course usually covers topics like the therapeutic relationship, assessment methods, multicultural considerations, and ethical guidelines in counselling.

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Professional certificate of completion
Beginner Level
Internship certificate also included

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Course Curriculum

Counselling Psychology

  • Introduction to Counselling: Starting Your Journey
  • Getting to Know a Counsellor: What They Do
  • Unveiling the Counselor's Role: How They Help
  • Guidelines for Counselling: Understanding the Rules
  • Steps in Counseling: Navigating the Process
  • Ethics & Morals in Counseling: Doing What's Right
  • Build Strong Foundations: Master Basic Skills
  • Motivate Clients: Spark Positive Change
  • Face Challenges: Tips for New Counsellors
  • Understand Lives: Gather Case Histories
  • Set Goals: Shape Effective Counselling
  • Connect Deeper: Forge Meaningful Relationships
  • First Session Mastery: Guiding Opening Conversations
  • Empathetic Confrontation: Navigating Sensitive Dialogues
  • Therapies Unveiled: Intro to Various Approaches
  • Special Populations: Tailoring Counselling for Unique Needs
  • Mental Health Laws: Understanding Legal Frameworks
  • Assessing Minds: Mastering Mental Status Examination
  • Crafting E-Interventions: Embracing Digital Solutions
  • Powerful Techniques: CBT, REBT, Psychoanalysis, Art Therapy, Mindfulness
  • Disorder Insights: Exploring Psychological Conditions
  • Match Therapy: Pairing Approaches with Disorders Real Cases, Real Learning: Examples and Expert Supervision

Unlock the secrets of practical wisdom through internship. 20 hours of training will be provided and 30 hours will be given for the internship, in internship we will give you interesting and interactive tasks to enhance the knowledge outcomes. It is a learning based internship to gain practical knowledge. In the end there will be a proper career guidance session for all our students.

Your Instructor

Ms. Himanshi Verma, a highly accomplished Therapist, and esteemed instructor associated with Fobet for several years now. Her remarkable expertise has impacted over 4500 students through successful classes and training sessions. She effortlessly organizes internships, classes, workshops, and trainings across diverse fields of psychology, catering to students, teachers, and professionals. Her exceptional skills as both a Counselor and Teacher have earned her the prestigious Excellence Award in Psychology teaching and Counselling.

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You are curious about how to interpret human brains.
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You are looking for some premium psychology certifications
You are intrigued by Psychological concepts
You want to build self-confidence and esteem

Interactive Live Sessions Engage in dynamic live classes via Zoom, enriched with hands-on practical learning.

Access to Recorded Sessions Benefit from recorded lecture accessible for one year, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Receive a comprehensive package of study materials, including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and detailed notes.

Achievement Certification Acquire esteemed and widely recognized certificates, enhancing your resume and professional profile.

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